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How ZK technology is used in ZKCross

The ZKCross fusion solution leverages the widely adopted WASM ecosystem, which is extensively used in browser and mobile environments and supported by major companies. This means that we load WASM natively in the browser, for example, and interact with it. To ensure the honest and correct execution of the WASM code, we utilize the zkWasm virtual machine emulated by the code to generate ZK proofs. These proofs are then uploaded to the blockchain for verification and settlement.

Some backgrounds

What is WASM

WASM (or WebAssembly) is an open standard binary code format similar to assembly. Its initial objective was to provide an alternative to java-script with improved performance for the current web ecosystem. Benefiting from its platform independence, front-end flexibility (can be compiled from the majority of languages including C, C++, assembly script, rust, etc.), good isolated runtime and speed comes closer to the speed of a native binary, its usage is arising in distributed cloud and edge computing. Recently it has become a popular binary format for users to run customized functions on Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Fastly, Cloudflare, Mozilla, etc.

What is zkWasmVM

zkWasm is a ZKSNARK backed virtual machine first developed by Delphinus lab.

zkWasm emulates the execution of WASM bytecode and generates zero-knowledge-proofs for the emulation result. The proof generated by the zkWasm virtual machine can then be used to convince an entity, with no leakage of confidential information, that the result of the emulation enforces the semantic specification of WASM.