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ZKCross is developing a full-stack solution for devs building modular rollup apps. Our team provides fundamental components to reach this goal, with more additions forthcoming.

  • ZKCross SDK
    ZKCross SDK provides standard interfaces for integrating with various Web3 services like data availability, settlement, and state services. Additionally, it offers standard API functions such as jubjub signature, poseidon hash, and random number generation for WebAssembly dApps to utilize.

  • ZKCross dApp templates
    ZKCross dApp templates provide a fundamental structure that's essential for developers to start their projects. Those templates include standardized boilerplate code & configurations for building, loading, executing Wasm binaries and setting up communication channels between them and users. Additionally, they offer pre-built modals for zkProof generation/submission, Web3 account integration, smart contract invocation & settlement triggering.

  • ZKCross node
    ZKCross node has multiple roles. The key functionality of the node is to execute Wasm binary code and batch processing zkProofs generated by zk prover network, and then post to settlement layer for future verification and settlement. It also works on store the TX data into Data Availability. The node also functions in between dApps and other needed service to elminate the integrating hastles for developers.

    Because of the existence of the node, dApps are able to utilze different services as building blocks. From the design stand point of vide, the node provide a unified adaptor layer, services like settlement, DA, VRF can be pluged in, dApps only need intergrate ZKC SDK.

  • ZKC State service
    Maintaining user session states and storing information about past requests and interactions enables dApps to accommodate more use scenarios. Our team offers a zkWasm-compatible key-value pair database service that can be retrieved by the prover for generating zk proofs alongside your application, making your stateful app end-to-end verifiable via zk technology.