About ZKCross

What's ZKCross

ZKCross is the first zkWasm execution layer for multichain and off-chain.
Future blockchain is modular, ZKCross focus on providing a ZK based trustworthy off-chain execution layer for multiple blockchains.

The problems we are solving

No single blockchain can scale up indefinitely, we will have to execute on multiple chains with different pros/cons, scaling out to off-chain computation and leveraging off-chain data. And seamlessly integrate with on-chain components.
ZKP is a technology that can provide promises that off-chain computation can be efficiently validated and off-chain data can be trusted.
However, existing ZK-based solutions only focus on Ethereum and the scenario is very limited. And every existing blockchain has to build its own ZK solution which is going to create more fragmentation and interoperation cost.

Our Value

A more powerful execution layer can plug in any existing chains, and help any chain to scale out to off-chain in a secure way.
An enriched experience for developers.
  • zkWasm can eliminate limitations of smart contracts, developers can use any language they are familiar with to bring more complicated web applications into web3.
  • Natively support multichain, develop once, and support any blockchains.
Bring Security to a new level with end-to-end ZKP. Not only result states but also the correctness of every single execution step in the whole process can be attested through zero-knowledge proof.
Users and developers can freely have their tokens on any blockchain for settlement.

Unlock new use cases

Example - GameFi

Existing problems in current blockchain games

Partial web3

Only settlement is on-chain, game logic is executed off-chain because it's too complicated for solidity/EVM to support. The game’s correctness and honesty are impossible to verify which is extremely important in GameFi.


Can be played on a single chain and only one type of settlement can be used at a time.

With ZKCross

More complicated games can be bridged into web3.
Truly web3 game, the correctness and honesty are attested by mathematical.
Developers can focus on the game logic itself.
Users can play the same game with their tokens of any blockchain.