About ZKCross
ZKCross is the first multi-chain zkRollup execution layer utilizing zkWASM.
By decoupling the execution and settlement layer, ZKCross provides a trustworthy generic multichain execution layer for all blockchains via zkWasm and is secured by End-to-End ZKP protocol.

The problems we are solving

Coupled blockchain execution and settlement layer limit web3 developers and dApps.
Users are locked in a single blockchain ecosystem or have to switch through risky bridges. No end-to-end security solution leads to huge damage to the whole industry.
Lacking real multichain support, existing solutions only support ad-hoc mode and has a lot of weaknesses e.g doesn’t scale well.

Our Value

A more powerful execution layer based on zkWasm and to All. zkWasm can eliminate limitations of smart contracts, developers can use any language they are familiar with to bridge more complicated web applications into web3.
Bring Security to a new level with end-to-end ZKP. Not only result states but also the correctness of every single execution step in the whole process can be attested through zero-knowledge proof.
Users and developers can freely have their tokens on any blockchain for settlement.
Natively support multichain, develop once, and support any blockchains.

Unlock new use cases

Example - GameFi

Current blockchain games are partial web3

Only settlement is onchain, and only one type of settlement can be used at a time. Game logic is executed off-chain because it's too complicated for solidity/EVM to support it. Impossible to verify the game’s correctness and honesty which is extremely important in GameFi.

With ZKCross

More complicated games can be bridged into web3 because of the power of zkWasm.
Truly web3 game, the correctness and honesty are attested by mathematical.
Developers can focus on the game logic itself.
Users can play the same game with their tokens of any blockchain.
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The problems we are solving
Our Value
Unlock new use cases
Example - GameFi