About ZKCross

What's ZKCross

ZKCross is a zkWasm based open modular App Specific Rollup Framework.

ZKCross comprises four essential components: the ZKCross SDK, ZKCross Node, ZKCross modular stack and ZKCross on-chain proxy. These elements work together harmoniously to provide a comprehensive solution. For a more detailed understanding, please refer to the accompanying documentation.

By offering such a fusion platform, ZKCross brings significant benefits to developers:

  • WASM Ecosystem Integration: ZKCross seamlessly integrates with the well-established WASM ecosystem, providing developers with a stable and trusted framework that is widely recognized and utilized across various digital platforms.
  • Efficient Development Cycle: With ZKCross, the laborious task of rewriting or segmenting code and logic for smart contracts becomes obsolete. Our platform expedites the Web3 development process, allowing developers to focus on their core objectives.
  • Consistent Environment: ZKCross simplifies the migration process by providing a unified local environment. By reducing complexities, we facilitate developers' transition from the Web2 space into the Web3 realm, ensuring a smoother and more familiar experience.
  • Direct Web3 Integration: ZKCross is meticulously designed for clarity, enabling straightforward connections to blockchain networks. Our platform simplifies the integration phase, minimizing hurdles and making the adaptation to Web3 technologies more user-friendly.
  • Cost Savings: By capitalizing on their existing Web2 skills, developers can seamlessly transition to Web3 development without incurring substantial expenses or requiring specialized hires. ZKCross ensures a cost-effective and efficient shift, maximizing resource allocation.

Embrace ZKCross and unlock a world of possibilities. Seamlessly bridge the gap between traditional web development and the exciting frontier of Web3 with our user-centric platform. Experience the unparalleled convenience, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness that ZKCross brings to your development journey.

Motivation behind

We recognized the need for the growth of Web3/Crypto, which requires the involvement of new programmers and the development of new applications. There are millions of Web2 developers, programs, and communities, but their engagement with Web3 is minimal. Additionally, Web2 companies are hesitant to deploy Web3 applications due to the following reasons:

  • Lack of Expertise: Many companies aren't familiar with blockchain and decentralized technologies, making Web3 adoption seem daunting.
  • Transition Difficulty: Shifting from Web2 to Web3 requires developers to adapt to new platforms, protocols, and mindsets.
  • Cost Concerns: Adopting Web3 can involve significant financial investments in new technologies, training, and infrastructure.
  • SIntegration Challenges: Merging existing systems with decentralized ones can be complex, potentially disrupting current operations.

The Modular Future

To address these concerns and enable a smoother transition to Web3, we built ZKCross. Our platform aims to provide a comprehensive solution that simplifies the development process, reduces cost concerns, and increases portability.

With ZKCross, we aim to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3, attracting many applications and developers from the Web2 realm. By providing a seamless transition to the decentralized future, we envision a vibrant ecosystem where countless Web2 applications and developers can effortlessly tap into the potential of Web3 technologies.

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