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What's ZKCross

ZKCross is a zkWasm based open modular App Specific Rollup Framework.

ZKCross is a modular rollup framework based on zkWasm, offering developers a full dApp stack to build zk provable applications. This opens up new possibilities for rapid experimentation and innovation

By offering such a platform, ZKCross brings significant benefits to developers:

  • zk provable dApp by default By using the stack provided by ZKCross, developers can build zk provable dApps easily, without needing to understand the underlying zk technology, developer can focus more on the innovation with their applications.
  • Modular and Composable ZKCross is designed to be modular and extensible, allowing developers to easily choose which componets they want to use in their dApps, such as settlement layer, Data availability layer, and even the zk prover.
  • WASM Ecosystem Integration: ZKCross seamlessly integrates with the well-established WASM ecosystem, providing developers with a stable and trusted framework that is widely recognized and utilized across various digital platforms.

Enhance your development journey with ZKCross, a platform that empowers you to leverage your current skill set effortlessly, ensuring seamless usability and unbeatable value. Unlock limitless potential with our cutting-edge technology, redefining the boundaries of what you can achieve.

Motivation behind

We recognized the need for the growth of Web3/Crypto, which requires the involvement of new programmers and the development of new applications. There are millions of Web2 developers, programs, and communities, but their engagement with Web3 is minimal. Additionally, Web2 companies are hesitant to deploy Web3 applications due to the following reasons:

  • Monolithic is not developer friendly to scale out their applications
  • Limited composability
  • Constraint of EVM makes it diffcult to producce more diversify applications

The Modular Future

To address these concerns and enable a smoother transition to Web3, we built ZKCross. Our platform aims to provide a comprehensive solution that simplifies the development process, reduces cost concerns, and increases portability.

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